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We want to be the world’s most pilot centric company
— Niall Olver. CEO & Co-Founder

Niall Olver

MyJet CEO & Co-Founder

Founding CEO ExecuJet 


"The process of managing and dispatching an aircraft is far too time consuming, costly and frustrating. Flight planning, crew scheduling, FTL calculations, AOC or part NCC compliance and reporting, passenger management, handling services and permits, booking and buying, expense tracking and accounting and on and on it goes.

From personal experience, the pleasure of flying is encumbered by far too much hassle and that’s also why owners and pilots are forced to employ third party service providers and operators just to cope. Even then, the interface and management of those processes remain cumbersome and the reporting requirements never seem to go away.

Our objective is to find a way of bringing every aspect of business aviation operations into one place - your hand. To offer each and every pilot and operator a level playing field and a real chance of focusing on what matters most, flying and doing a great job for the owner and passenger. We want to make business aviation easy for you".

We believe technology should work for you
— Niels Christensen. CTO & Co-Founder. Founder of

On Boarding is easy


Niels Christensen

CTO & Co-Founder

Top Gun Era. 1984