Mission Planning

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Free Flight Planning & Dispatch

A revolution in cost and efficiency.



From zero to flying in 5 minutes


Create & edit trips

Single leg or complex trip, add, insert and edit flight legs with ease.



Feasibility Analysis

Aircraft and crew availability, operational status, credential expiries, range limits, airport limitations.




Route Generation

Auto-routes generated and optimised for fuel, distance, time or ESAD.




Route Editor

Manually edit routes, avoid FIRs, route via specific points, select recent routes and more.



Migrate to MyJet



Aircraft Scheduling

Fleet schedules, plan and manage trips, positioning legs and maintenance events.



Crew Scheduling & Duty 

Visualise crew availabilities and FDPs, run mission FTLs in line with your specific FOM. 



Fuel and W&B

Manage fuel, baggage, cargo & PAX swiftly and precisely.





Optimise route for winds and fuel burn. Future aircraft & field performance tools coming soon.



Services & Permits

Verify and purchase mandatory Permits & Services. Book or buy handling, fuel, transport, customs, catering.



PAX Selection

Input pax details, scan & store passports and associated visas. Manage pax preferences.


Beat the weather



Weather & NOTAMs

Past and predictive overlays, sig-weather, winds aloft, AIRMETS & SIGMETS, cyclone strengths & tracking and relevant NOTAMS.



Electronic Flight Log

Editable Flight Logs: ETA, ATA, fuel remaining & remarks on the fly. 



Trip Kit & OFP

Sample Trip Kit ›

The full Monty. Generate and regenerate on demand.



Flight Plan Filing

File from the app, manage time changes. CTOT and AFTN + notifications, 24/7 dispatch support.



CTOT & Slots

Receive SAMs with simple CTOTs delivered directly within MyJet.


Power up



Safety Reports

Rapid Safety reports for any event. Permanent cloud storage.



Risk Assessment

Q1 2018

Under Development.



Tech Log

Easy tech log input including secure scan & store of originals. Pilot logbook and compliance output.



Offline Fly Mode

Complete Flight Leg data set: Map, Weather & NOTAMS, Flight Plan, Flight Log, Services & Permits, W&B, Fuel planner, Airport database, Trip Kit and Tech Log.

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