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The world’s most advanced all-in-one aircraft operations and management system in the cloud.



Aircraft Documentation

Our platform makes it child’s play to store and manage all your aircraft documentation and ensure everything is secure, up to date and valid.


Multiple Agendas

Interacting with your upcoming flights, training events, medical checks, hotel bookings, is key. Powerful agendas enable you to delay or cancel flights with ease. View your own agenda or all your company flights. Check any pilot’s agendas or focus on a particular aircraft.


Passenger Preferences

Your most valuable assets are your PAX and meeting their expectations is hard. MyJet’s detailed PAX profile will help you to deliver excellence in the cabin. All preference updates made by your team matter. MyJet gives your crew every detail at their fingertips.


Credentials & Visas

It’s a must to have all your personnel’s data to hand at all times, especially crew. Our credentials module helps you securely store and manage passports, visas, licences, medicals and their validities with ease. It also ensure that your PAX have all the necessary documents to travel and warns you if data is missing or expiring.


MyJet Messaging

Are you receiving too many messages, emails and calls with little structure or context? We have developed a unique messaging system within MyJet that delivers effective communication with your crew and dispatch, "in context and in app”.


Coming to MyJet in 2018


ETS Reports

It’s can be very demanding to fill in these reports in a timely manner. MyJet generates them automatically on demand, storing them securely and forever.

Annual ETS Report ›


Activity Reports

Fleet and crew activity, hours flown, maintenance events, the lot. MyJet generates these reports on demand, single click.

Crew FTL and Radiation report ›

Aircraft Flight Report ›


CAMO Integration

We are developing interfaces which will permit CAMO outfits to connect easily to our platform for seamless integration and reporting.


Flight Following

Knowing an aircraft’s position and ETA is essential to fine tune services for arrivals and departures. Our real-time flight following engine, with configurable triggers and notifications, provides ground staff and passengers’ family and personnel the heads-up they need.


Aircraft Fleet

Fleet visibility and operational status is essential for good management. MyJet permits you to streamline availability, minimise positioning legs and non-revenue distances.


Relationship Management

Communicating effectively with your customers is key to long term satisfaction and growth. MyJet’s powerful inbuilt Customer Resource Management (CRM) module and tools will help you expand your business and maximise opportunities.

Crew Log book.jpg

Pilot Log Book

We are developing a free, world class pilot log book to meet all your expectations. Direct data extract from tech log with fill, manual leg insert, edit & export capabilities. MyJet is designed to work seamlessly from desktop to palm. 


AOC & NCC Compliance

Don’t get lost in the complexities of AOC & NCC requirements. In MyJet, all your operational information is continuously and securely stored. Nothing will ever get lost or misplaced, making reporting just a few clicks away, while keeping you safe and compliant.


Operator Data Repository 

Sharing your confidential information relies on trust. Digital trust goes beyond data security. In MyJet, your stuff will never be made available to anyone who hasn’t specifically been cleared by you. Upload your company  documents, licences, insurance certificates etc. Allocate access and viewing rights with ease.


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